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 Equipment We Use:

lite readerlite reader
lite reader

Ipico Sports Lite Reader:

  • Created for all types of activities. Great for split timing location, track workouts, or club runs.
  • External USB drive for easy storage of data
  • Can read up to 120 tags to be read simultaneously, at a rate of up to 400 tags/sec
  • Offer a range of up to 0.6m using IPICO Sports Sportag
  • Same equipment used by the 2012 USA Olympic marathon trials race
  • Multiple Systems to time multiple races at the same time.  Or to have a Wide finish line or split points during a race.

IPICO Sports Mats:

Our mat antennas are robust, waterproof, and can even withstand being driven over by motor vehicles. They are portable, lightweight, and come complete with a carry bag. Mats are easy to set up and cannot be incorrectly connected.

  • Are suitable for use with all IPICO Sports tags.
  • Can be used in groups of up to eight with overlaps to ensure complete coverage.
  • Feature shielded loops to minimize pickup from interference sources like vehicle ignition and short-wave radio transmissions.

IPICO Sports BibTags:

  •     Inlay is laminated into a soft human friendly plastic.
  •     Adhesive layer to stick onto existing Bib number
  •     Robust anti-collision protocol – up to 30 tags can be read simultaneously at high speeds
  •     Fast moving tags can be read – up to 8m/s on single mat

IPICO Sports Sportags:

  •     Offer a long read range of 0.6 m
  •     Deliver robust anti-collision protocol (up to 120 tags read simultaneously)
  •     Deliver a high transmission rate and read rate
  •     Perform in temperature range from -40 to +85 degrees C
  •     Have four holes for easy lace-up & are water proof
  •     Feature a 35x20 mm area to place race number label

time machine
Time Machine:

  • Provides two different methods of performing Select Timing.
  • Allows 5 digit BIB# inputs including three alpha characters (WMX).
  • Provides finish places for up to 99,999 finishers.
  • Can preset the time clock to any value between 0.00 and 31:59:59.00 (this also supports "time of day" timing).
  • Allows multiple starts (wave starting) for up to nine independent starts.

MileMarker Raceclock:
  • Display:
    Five, high-intensity red, 6" tall LED digits readable in bright sunlight. Digits are comprised of discrete LED's arranged in a 7-segment format and provide a 60 degree total viewing angle.
  • Construction:
    Rugged, tamper-proof, impact-resistant polyethylene case with smooth edges and integral carrying handle. Red acrylic viewing window. Recessed rear controls.
  • Power:
    Lead-acid batteries provide up to 10 hours of continuous operation on a single battery charge
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    Case size: 31" W x 11" H x 5-1/2" D Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

ScoreTronics Portable Race Clock/Timer PRC-4:

  • Battery powered.  Use it anywhere, with no wiring, extension cords, or generators.  Options are also available for AC power, or both battery and AC. Unit will run for 55 hours with no charging.
  • Super bright high contrast displays have far superior visibility than LED or LCD.
  • Wireless RF remote control included.
  • Easy setup at the event.  Flexible mounting.  
  • High impact gasketed water and dust resistant case.  Repels rain and snow.
  • Size: 30" wide, 16" tall, 3" deep.  Weight: 14 pounds. (five-digit model)
  • Proudly made and supported in the USA.
  • Displays:  Five or six digits (H:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS).  Displays are four inches tall and have a rated viewing distance of over 160 feet.

Results board and PR bell:

  • Clean design to hold up to 450 results of your finishers.
  • Can also hold brochures for races in the area so runners know about area races.
  • Can be updated with new results in seconds.
  • Ring the PR bell on the other side to celebrate your personal record time.  

clock 8" Large LED Clock Double Sided
with Tripod LED Race Timing Clock

  • Battery powered or Plug into outlet
  • Battery (included) will run the unit for 8 hours with no charging.
  • Super bright LED display 8" tall with 6 digits
  • Wireless RF remote control included.
  • Easy setup at the event.  Flexible mounting. 
  • High impact gasketed water and dust resistant case.  Repels rain and snow.

pyle camera
 Pyle® Sport PSCHD30 5 MP High-Definition Sport Action Camera With 2" Touchscreen, Black:
  • 5MP Sport Action HD Camera
  • 2" touch screen
  • Micro SD memory card slot
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • 4X digital zoom
  • Visit our YouTube page to see video of the races we are at:



Crowd Control Barriers:

  • 48" High x 78.75" Long
  • Creates an Eye Catching finish line
  • Can hold banners with a size of 3.5 feet tall and 6.5 feet long
  • The red color is sure to be noticed in photos to make participants want to come back every year
  • Sets up in less than 15 minutes
  • Lights can be mounted onto barriers   
  • Contains finishers to lead them to your food and drink tables for refreshments  

Assortment of Computers for timing our races:

  •     HP 6930P
  •     Gateway NV53A
  •     HP 6400
  •     Lenovo ThinkPad E545





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